Hello, gorgeous, and thank you for stopping by Makeup with Ily! This is a blog dedicated to beauty and will discuss everything from beauty products to healthy lifestyle activities.

My name is Ilinca Milosan, and I have recently become more and more interested in makeup. As a request from girlfriends, who always ask me for advice or opinions on beauty products, I have decided to start this blog and try my best to give informative, fun reviews of some of my favourite products!

This blog will only review makeup that I have previously owned or are currently owning (and, yes, I’d love to hear your recommendations!). I don’t get paid to do this–it’s just a fun hobby, that I hope becomes useful for a larger audience.  All my products come from my personal spendings or have been gifted to me by friends and family ^_^

I hope my opinions, information, and pictures are useful to you guys, and, if they are, please subscribe and like my Facebook page to keep updated on all things Makeup with Ily!

Thank you all for your support!

Until next time,

xoxo ily 


PS: Feel free to request looks or specific product type reviews, and I will do my best to oblige! Please don’t be upset if you request a specific brand name for a product, and I decline because, I have previously stated, the products I review are paid from my own pocket, and I don’t exactly have a big budget haha ^_^


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