Lime Crime’s Crema de Limon: pretty outside, rotten inside

4 Sep

Although I am more than grateful to those of you who used my Ipsy referral link ( to sing up for Ipsy’s amazing makeup goodies, this Ipsy points bonus polish from Lime Crime hasn’t impressed me at all.

Click Picture to Enlarge

Click Picture to Enlarge

Lime Crime nail polish in Crema de Limon from my August Ipsy Glam Bag 2013

(price: 8 USD)

Disclaimer: I used this along with an Ulta base coat and Ulta top coat; therefore, used on its own, it may not yield the same results. In addition, the picture was taken after 5 days of wear.


Here’s why you probably don’t want this nail polish:

  1. Streaky! Oh. My. God. This polish drove me insane with its streakiness. I don’t know if it’s streaky because the formula is too thick or the brush isn’t good or both! Yikes!
  2. Slightly goopy.
  3. Poor coverage. But then again, this is more due to its streakiness: even after two coats, you could still see lines everywhere.
  4. Top coat didn’t help much. I used the Ulta topcoat in hopes that it would even out the colour, but no go.

Maybe there’s hope for it yet?

  1. Super pretty colour! Lime Crime’s polishes have a really pretty unique colour selection.
  2. Fairly long lasting. I have had this polish on for five days and it’s still going pretty strong. The only reason I am removing it after finishing this blog post is that I wanted to try out some Ulta polishes I got recently (reviews a-coming).
  3. Shiny. Even without the topcoat, the polish had a pretty shine to it.

~ * * ~

Overall, I would not buy this polish again. Sorry, Lime Crime! I really wanted to love it because the colour selection is so pretty, but the streakiness just made it a nightmare to apply! If I were you, I’d save my money and try out a different brand.

I hope this review helps, and that you had a good time reading through—as always, comments are always welcomed. If you would like to read more things Makeup with Ily, please subscribe and/or like the Facebook page (top right of this page) to keep updated!

Thank you for stopping by!

Until next time,

xoxo ily


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