Cocktail party? Start it up with a Nailtini Mai Tai!

28 Aug

How about a cocktail without the buzz or morning-after sickness? Party it up with Nailtini’s nail polish in Mai Tai flavour…err…colour?!

I have received this polish from my August Ipsy Glam Bag, and it’s a colour I would definitely never think to buy for myself. However, since I already paid for the subscription box, might as well try it out, right?

Nailtini Mai Tai ilymakeup-wordpress-com

Click to Enlarge

Nailtini nail polish in Mai Tai

(price: 13 USD)

Disclaimer: I used this along with an Ulta base coat and Ulta top coat; therefore, used on its own, it may not yield the same results.

Why you want this:

  1. Fairly long lasting. I did my nails with this polish about a week ago, and there is minimal chipping—nothing that can’t easily and quickly be retouched if needed.
  2. Good coverage. Upon using one coat of the polish (atop the Ulta base coat), the colour was fairly consistent throughout, but I decided on a second coat—just to make sure! That being said, the less coats, the longer you’ll have this bottle filled!
  3. Fast drying.
  4. Shiny! Although the picture I have provided is taken with the Ulta top coat on, the shininess of the polish on its own is pretty similar to having the top coat on.
  5. Easy application!

Why you might not want this:

  1. Pricey. I don’t know about you, but $13 for one colour seems a bit steep to me, even if the polish is good quality. Cover Girl has polishes for $5 that are comparable to this (the CG ones don’t have as good coverage).
  2. Umm… there is really not much else wrong with this polish!

 ~ * * ~

If you’re looking to try out a new polish brand, I would give this one a try for sure! I would definitely want to try more colours from this brand (but the price is kinda scaring me off!), and I think I may actually have a nude one from an older Ipsy bag that I never bothered opening, thinking it would be a bad polish—silly me. I’ll review the other as well, if I can find it!

If you would like to join Ipsy and receive fun beauty products like Nailtini’s Mai Tai polish, please use my referral link The service costs $10/month for US peeps and $15/month for Canadians! 🙂

And lastly… we can’t have a cocktail party without an actual cocktail, so here’s a link to some yummy Mai Tai recipes!




~ * * ~

I hope this review helps, and that you had a good time reading through—as always, comments are always welcomed. If you would like to read more things Makeup with Ily, please subscribe and/or like the Facebook page (top left of this page) to keep updated!

Thank you for stopping by!

Until next time,

xoxo ily



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