Tired of “blah” balms? Try Josie Maran’s argan lip treatment!

23 Aug

Who doesn’t want soft, plushy lips?! I know I do! And I have been looking for a good lip balm for a very long time. I have tried several balms such as Nivea balms, Hard Candy balms, Noya balms, balms this, balms that—more like balms blah!

I had given up hope on finding a good balm and stuck to a less conforming way of keeping my lips moisturized—argan and maracuja oils! I have two deluxe sized bottles of oils: argan oil from Josie Maran and maracuja oil from Tarte. I got the first from one of my Ipsy Glam Bags and the second as a free gift for my recent Tarte splurge!

I will start by saying that if you do own an argan/maracuja oil, you should totally try it on your lips because it’s fantastic! However, it gets soaked in rather quickly and is not the best choice for an all-day moisturizer or an over-night one either. It’s best used at the beginning of your makeup routine, and, by the time you are done all your makeup, your lips will have soaked it all in, leaving room for a smooth lipstick application (at least in my experience)!

If you want something to moisturize your lips longer and overall battle your dry lips, Josie Maran’s Argan Lip Treatment is the way to go!

josie maran argan lip treatment ilymakeup-wordpress-com

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Josie Maran Argan Lip Treatment

(price: 18 USD)


Why you need this:

  1. It smells like strawberries in a way that isn’t overwhelming, headache-causing, or chemical smelling! This was an important thing for me because I hate having a bad smelling lip product sitting on my lips, under my sensitive nose all day ugh!
  2. It’s rather glossy, so it can pass as a lipgloss for when you don’t have time for a real lip touch-up or when you just don’t feel like going through the trouble of getting perfect a perfect lip-do!
  3. It’s very moisturizing—the most moisturizing product I’ve ever used! If you have very dry lips, it will feel like you need to re-apply often, but once your lips get moisturized and escape the dryness chains, you won’t need to re-apply as often at all! I think that’s a sign that it gets the job done.
  4. It comes in a super cute jar! Important for those of us who like their makeup to look pretty in and out of their containers!

~ * * ~

Why you might hate this:

  1. It’s hard to take out the product. If you have long nails like I do, you will get super frustrated with how there’s very little product coming off on your finger and more under your nails—yuck! Makes me rethink point 4 of the “pros” of this product…
  2. It’s, sadly, very pricey! It costs $18 USD at Sephora (this is where I bought it), but the jar contains a pretty good amount of product (0.24 oz). I’ve been using it every day for about five days now, and it’s barely noticeable (if you ignore the nail scratches—argh!).
  3. Lastly, the taste isn’t that great. While it might smell like strawberry goodness, it tastes pretty weird. At first, I didn’t really notice a taste at all, but the more it got in my mouth, the more I felt a bit sick from it haha!

~ * * ~

I have been looking for a good lip balm for a very long time, and now that I have decided to take the leap of faith and buy this product, I don’t regret it at all! Sure it’s hard to take out, tastes a bit weird, and is pricey, but it gets the job done! And it does so better than a lot of other products I have used. The only other product I liked (that is way cheaper) is the Noya lip balm I had mentioned earlier (got one from my August Ipsy Glam Bag), but this balm feels more greasy than moisturizing.

Overall, I would definitely buy this product again when it runs out (though, considering the size, I don’t think that will be too soon)! And I totally recommend it if you have the extra cash or if you want a good investment!

~ * * ~

I hope this review helps, and that you had a good time reading through—as always, comments are always welcomed. If you would like to read more things Makeup with Ily, please subscribe and/or like the Facebook page (top left of this page) to keep updated!

Thank you for stopping by!

Until next time,

xoxo ily


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  1. Dana August 23, 2013 at 4:18 pm #

    Well done ! Thats my girl!

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