Fancy Friday: Girl, why you have to be so neely?

31 May

Is that even a real question? Because Neely is obviously one of the cutest and, currently, trendiest colours ever! And what better way to wear it than on your nails—an all-time accessory.

In case I have completely lost you, and you are starting to think that Ily is just talking gibberish, Neely is one of my favourite nail polish colours from Zoya’s Lovely Spring 2013 collection! It is a cute minty colour, and it’s totally in style!

Click Picture to Enlarge

Click Picture to Enlarge

(Left picture taken with camera flash on; right picture taken without flash on)

Zoya nail polish in “Neely” from my May Ipsy Glam Bag.

(price: 8 USD)

This nail polish turned out to be a lot nicer than what I expected, though I was still left with some slight dissatisfactions. The picture on the website makes it look more blue based than it really is. I think it’s more mint green tinted than they show. The picture I provided above is a closer shade to what the polish actually looks like.

~ * * ~

Now, let me tell you why you want this:

  1. Mint green seems to the most popular colour right now, so if you like to be up to date on the latest trends, you need this.
  2. This is one of the few nail polish brands that I have used where I haven’t felt the need of putting a top coat on. I usually put the top coat on (the one from Sephora by OPI—review coming soon) more because I like that extra shine, and it makes the colour pop more. However, this brand made me feel like there was no need for a top coat—it was pretty nice and shiny on its own, so I didn’t use.
  3. It’s very long lasting for a polish that I have had on for about 2 weeks and, as previously mentioned, no top coat to protect it. There is minimal chipping of the polish even after about 2 weeks of wearing it through activities such as showers, washing dishes, and other things that put your pretty nails in danger (does anyone else break their nails every time they try to open their shampoo bottles or is it just me? Please, don’t let it be just me!).
  4. It dries really fast compared to other polishes I’ve used (this includes my all-time favourite Sephora by OPI brand), yet the shine is still there once it’s dry.
  5. Good coverage. You shouldn’t need more than 2 coats to get a nice even colour, however… check point 3 of the next list below.

~ * * ~

Okay, okay enough raving about how good this is. Let’s get our feet back on the ground and focus on things that prevent me from saying “GO BUY THIS RIGHT NOW!!”:

  1. While the formula is great due to the fact that it does all of the above mentioned things, it is also very thick. It almost felt as if someone left the bottle open for a bit too long. This wouldn’t normally be such a big problem, however, it makes me think that it’s more likely to get thick and paste like faster than your regular favourite brand. I don’t know about you, but that’s a big no-no for me.
  2. It’s streaky. The application can be a bit frustrating, because the brush in combination with the thick formula tends to leave annoying streaks that you’ll obsess about trying to cover up. Which leads to the next issue.
  3. The more coats, the more you’re going to hate it. In the picture above I used two coats, not necessarily because I was completely satisfied with the evenness, but because I was aware that the streaks are just going to get worse if I try a third one to fix said streaks (tip: most of the time, a good top coat is going to help even out the colour). Some nails looked perfectly fine after just two coats (usually the smaller ones like the one on your pinky), but others left me feeling I should try a third coat. So, the more coats, the worse it gets in terms of streaking, and the bigger the surface, the more likely to get streaks and unevenness.

~ * * ~

Whew, that’s a lot to take in! Here’s a pic of my cat to clear up your thoughts a bit:

Adorable, isn’t he?

Adorable, isn’t he?

Anyway, back to Zoya and Neely. Considering that this polish costs 8 USD and a polish from Sephora by OPI costs 12 USD (I use this brand as an example because I think it is one of, if not the best, nail polish brands out there), I’d say that, in regards to repurchasing this brand, I would probably not buy it for the full price. If it went on sale, I would, but not for the full price.

If you think you are ok with the cons of this polish, then by all means go ahead and get it. It is definitely a good product (it has a lot of good qualities that definitely make me want to try other colours/types), just not the absolute best product. I personally wouldn’t buy it again for the full price only because the streaking and thickness are some of my greatest pet peeves when it comes to nail polish, but if that’s not you, then it’s worth giving a try!

~ * * ~

I hope this review helps, and that you had a good time reading through—as always, comments are always welcomed. If you would like to read more things Makeup with Ily, please subscribe and/or like the Facebook page (top left of this page) to keep updated!

Thank you for stopping by!

Until next time,

xoxo ily


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